My Inspiration

Music I always liked because it is the only language all people understand irrespective of race, culture and creed.
Music is not related or connected to nations and their borders, neither geographical nor political. Music is he language of life, love and peace.That is why I adapt the music of the world in my music.
If the world would succeed to speak one language, misunderstanding between people would diminish. I like to be at the seashore and stare far away, thinking about what is happening at the other side of the sea, thinking about the other nations around and I want to communicate by means of music. I turn to my piano where sea and music help me to overcome my sorrow and help me to understand the other.
Then I become the human being I want to be.
I sincerely hope my music can and will be a step forward to a world where people will have freedom to open up and to understand and respect each other.